Our EVU-75b is an exhaust unit equipped with a HEPA filter that can be quickly deployed introduced into a hospital room, examination room, waiting room, etc.

With the EVU-75b installed, indoor air is vented outside, lowering the pressure on the inside of the room, creating a negative pressure environment and, keeping contaminants inside.. By constantly venting contaminated air outside, it quickly lowers the indoor viral load, preventing airborne infections (influenza, tuberculosis, COVID-19, measles, etc.). from spreading.

Cirrus ME簡易陰圧・排気システム EVU-75

Engineered Ventilation Unit

Key Features

• Ventilation unit with HEPA filtration.

• Utilizes ordinary AC100V power


• Monitor and analyze air pressure, to ensure system is working at optimal settings.

• Real-time Cloud data management & analysis.

• SMS & Email notifications provided,

 when unsafe conditions occur.

• Connects wirelessly.

• Colored LCD For quick room status.

• LiPo Battery Backup

• Portable & light weight.

• Simple & quick installations.


Without the Cirrus EVU-75, aerosolized droplets can be spread in the air by coughing, breathing, sneezing and other respiratory actions, where they can remain in the air for up to 3-4 hours.

These droplets can contain pathogens, including COVID-19, which then spread to other rooms, infecting other environments.

With the EVU-75, we make it easy to convert a normal room into a neagtive pressure room.

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