What is negative air pressure?

Negative air pressure occurs when the pressure inside an area is lower than the pressure outside the area, resulting in the outside air moving into this area.

How can a negative air pressure zone or room protect your staff from airborne containments?

A well-engineered negative pressure room that is constantly monitored for air pressure can contain airborne contaminants within the room preventing said contaminants including Covid-19, SARS and other infectious agents, from drifting to other areas and contaminating people & equipment

What is adequate airchange?

Achieving adequate air change is important to reducing viral load in an environment. Changing the air 5 times an hour for a given space has been shown to reduce the chance of infection for influenza by as much as 99%*. “Room ventilation and the risk of airborne infection transmission in 3 health care settings within a large teaching hospital”


How can adequate airchange help me?

Implementing adequate airchange can let you  keep your business running, and tell customers, patients and more that you’re making their environment safer.

What can Cirrus Medical do?

We can help you engineer a negative pressure room with constant monitoring, to better protect the environment outside the containment zone.

What do I need to setup a negative pressure environment?

a) A properly engineered airflow system with HEPA filter.

b) A device that provides real-time monitoring of the environment to ensure that the air-pressure is negative relative to the outside area.

But why do I need monitoring?

If no monitoring of the negative pressure environment is provided, it is dangerous to assume that the negative pressure environment is performing properly. A malfunctioning device, changing wind pressure from the outside environment, or even a malfunctioning mechanical door left ajar can contribute to a failed negative pressure environment, leading to contamination.

Why do I need this?

In the case of a hospital, a negative pressure zone can keep normal patients, healthcare workers and other staff safe even when attending to patients that are infected or may be infected with diseases spread through the air or micro aerosol particles that hang in the air. It also ensures that adequate airflow is achieved, keeping the viral load low, and people inside the containment area, safe.

In the case of the home, a simple negative pressure kit, combined with our monitoring device can reduce the risk of a family member transmitting an infectious agent to the rest of the family.

Why do I need a Cirrus ME device?

Cirrus ME is a revolutionary device available only from Cirrus Medical, which monitors the environment 24/7 and sends out alerts if conditions turn unsafe.